Marketing Intern

Redpoint Positioning is developing full-stack technology solutions for tracking people or goods in real time and in places where GPS cannot reach. With its patent-pending products, Redpoint is a pioneer in real-time location systems (RTLS). Our technology has been adopted by a number of fortune 100 companies who are leaders in their respective industrial sectors.

Redpoint Positioning needs a motivated, adaptable student or graduate with experience in marketing or business to expand our online presence and perform some market research. We are flexible on the start date and duration of the project.

Project outline:

  1. Digital marketing analysis:
    1. Analyze data for Redpoint’s digital marketing performance and provide suggestions on improvement.
  2. SEO improvement for the Redpoint website using findings from the digital marketing analysis.
    1. Research key words and topics that generate interest for users in the targeted industry.
    2. Provide suggestions on titles, keywords, and descriptions for webpages’ source code to increase organic search result ranking and number of visitors.
  3. Website content optimization.
    1. Improve readability of marketing materials and Redpoint’s website to increase “stay time” on pages and increase contact form signup.
    2. Pivot Redpoint’s marketing content to emphasize certain target industries.
  4. Paid marketing research:
    1. Perform research on paid marketing options and expected return on branding management and leads generation.
  5. Market research/analysis:
    1. Perform research on potential markets and opportunities.
    2. Provide analytics on how technology trends change in industries and where Redpoint’s technology can add value.

Interested candidates may send a resume to