BOSTON, August 7, 2020

Redpoint Positioning is proud to join the FiRa Consortium as a Contributor member. The industry consortium seeks to provide seamless user experiences using the secured fine ranging and positioning capabilities of Ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies.

As a voting member of the FiRa Consortium, Redpoint will bring technical and market knowledge to the creation of technical specifications that result in an interoperable UWB ecosystem. “The Redpoint team is eager to contribute to our growing field of UWB research and development alongside others with the same goal. We believe that our knowledge of location and positioning technology, along with a deep understanding of use cases for that technology, will help move the industry forward,” said Chunjie Duan, Co-CEO of Redpoint.

Redpoint shares FiRa’s belief that UWB technology will transform the way people experience connectivity and is committed to the widespread adoption of UWB-driven applications. Redpoint’s cutting-edge UWB RTLS technology is already used by leading companies worldwide in third-party logistics, auto manufacturing, mine operations, and other sectors to improve productivity, reduce unnecessary capital spending, and contribute to a safer work environment.

“We are technologists at our core, and we want to develop and promote the best location technology standards for a connected future,” said Chunjie.

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