BOSTONApril 22, 2020

Today, Redpoint Positioning Corporation announced a new application for their Internet of Moving Things (IoMvT)™ platform that delivers real-time location tracking. Their cutting-edge technology is already used by leading companies worldwide in third-party logistics, auto manufacturing, mine operations, and other sectors to improve productivity, reduce unnecessary capital spending, and contribute to a safer work environment. Now, the system is being applied in warehouses and other industrial environments for the purposes of enforcing social distance between employees, contact tracing, and enforcing other safety measures being taken to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Redpoint’s technology uses tags and Ultra-wideband (UWB) signal to track the location of people and equipment with extremely high accuracy, even in complex industrial environments. If social distancing parameters, such as a 1- or 2-meter radius, are violated between workers, the tag alarm will alert them to the hazard.

The system is also helping employers define geo-fenced areas in their facilities, allowing them to set occupancy maximums and to monitor areas to avoid crowding. They can also geo-fence cleaning stations and track employees’ entry and time spent in these areas to enforce handwashing or equipment cleaning protocols. If an infection does occur, historical data from the system will allow for highly accurate contact tracing, as records can show the individuals who were near the infected party.

Redpoint has many clients in China and first became aware of this new use case for their technology in February when the pandemic began affecting those clients’ operations. One client, a major mobile data center in China, was able to use Redpoint’s IoMvT to enforce new safety measures to reduce the risk to their employees and keep their facility open.

While companies everywhere grapple with closures due to coronavirus, the Redpoint team is taking what they learned in China and leading other clients across the globe toward a solution. “We know that employees can’t go back to work unless their employers can enforce safety protocols to reduce their risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus. When we saw our solution helping our clients in China, we wanted to make it available to the rest of the world,” said Chunjie Duan, CEO and Co-Founder of Redpoint. “We can use our technology to help,” he said.

About Redpoint Positioning Corporation: Redpoint’s technology was built to address limitations of other real-time location systems like ease of installation, scalability, and inter-operability. Their Internet of Moving Things (IoMvT)™ platform provides unprecedented visibility into how people, equipment, and assets are moving in warehouses and industrial facilities in real-time, empowering managers with actionable data to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity and preparing companies to scale for future growth.

Redpoint is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Beijing, China and Kharkiv, Ukraine. Visit to learn more.

Redpoint is a Stanley Black & Decker Ventures portfolio company.

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