When you work in a confined space like a precious metals mine, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining a specified distance from the person next to you. Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID-19, social distancing for mining is the new normal employees at site like the Oyu Tolgoi mine have learned to cope with.

Located in the southern Mongolian province of Omnogovi, the Oyu Tolgoi mine is home to one of the largest known copper and gold deposits in the world. With a maximum workforce of 3000-4000, the mine depends on safe, sustainable operations to remove raw ore from open pits and underground shafts.

For many developing and developed resource-rich countries like Mongolia, mining is the economic bedrock they depend on for stability. If production is slowed to a crawl due to necessary but strict health and safety measures, this causes a great strain on the country, the managing corporation and the employees.

Rio Tinto, the mining corporation responsible for Oyu Tolgoi, said pandemic-related restrictions from Mongolia to Australia have slowed production and shipments. The working and travel restrictions enacted to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Mongolia alone resulted in a 50% reduction in labor. This resulted in inflated production costs and delayed projects, as well as the inability to bring in skilled workers from other countries.

To alleviate the strain caused by COVID-19 restrictions, Redpoint Positioning offers a simple, yet elegant solution to get mining operations back on track.

Maintain Social Distancing for Mining

The Proximity Warning System uses individual smart tags based on ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology that allows signals to broadcast without being blocked by walls, equipment or people.

The tags work independently from an infrastructure or network communicating with one another and delivering warnings based on relative distance. By wearing these tags on-site, employees and suppliers create personal bubbles around themselves that alert them if they get too close to their coworkers. The alerts come in the form of visual, audible and haptic notifications.

The Benefits of Social Distancing Wearables

Social distancing for mining can be difficult to manage. However, keeping your distance doesn’t have to mean reducing your production. With UWB technology, you can track your employees with higher precision and maintain continuous positioning information on equipment and automated assets. This results in safer processes that promote productivity.

The highly accurate and low-latency smart tags help you establish:

  • Social distancing parameters so everyone maintains their distance.
  • Tag alarms to warn employees when they’re getting too close to one another.
  • Geofencing to prevent cross-team interaction.
  • Maximum occupancy in individual zones throughout your facility.

In the Event of an Outbreak

Infections are inevitable considering the infectious potency of the COVID-19 virus. The key is defining your response to cases within your workforce. When someone self-reports, you need to know who they were around for contact tracing so you can isolate potential carriers while allowing the unexposed to keep working.

The UWB technology used in Redpoint’s Proximity Warning System gives the information you need to make the best decisions for your personnel’s safety.

  • Trace historical data for individual proximities and exposure times.
  • Access real-time data so you can act quickly and accurately.
  • Understand employee interaction patterns to prevent future outbreaks.

To learn more about how Redpoint Positioning can help you maintain social distancing while still being productive, let’s talk about the technology you need to transform your safety practices.

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