SafetyNet™ – Wireless Work Site Infrastructure for Real-Time Tracking and Communication

Redpoint SafetyNet™ infrastructure will make any work environment context-aware, and enable real-time tracking of assets and people, indoors or out. Different types of network anchors and base station servers are the hardware infrastructure necessary for any real-time tracking system.


RTLS Server– Redpoint offers different classes of server, depending on the provisioned network size and deployment type:

Server Class Number of network anchors
Class I Up to 10 anchors
Class II 11 to 50 anchors
Class III 51 to 1,000 anchors

Anchors – Anchors form the core wireless infrastructure needed to create the mesh network that enables real-time tracking and communication. Placed around or inside of your structure, Redpoint anchors communicate using Ultra-wideband (UWB) signals in unlicensed spectrum to position crew and asset tags to within one meter.

Anchors may also include optional Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular radios.

With a standard built-in antenna, the typical range for anchors is 170 feet (50m) radius in line-of-sight environment and 115 feet (30m) indoors.

Redpoint server and network anchor/bridge with pilot tags.