Redpoint Smart Badge and Asset Tags

Redpoint A5 Asset Tag

The Redpoint A5 is a ruggedized, water and dust-proof mobile asset tag designed to provide real-time visibility and tracking for job site assets, machinery, materials and tools. It has a 3-year battery life with an easy-to-replace ½AA cell. The tag includes a call button, motion sensing capability, and is quickly attached with screws, straps, or adhesive. The A5 UWB asset tag provides 8” (20cm) position accuracy.


Redpoint B3 Crew Badge

The Redpoint B3 badge is designed to keep your crews safe. Small and light, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. But one step across the line into a hazard zone – and the badge instantly alerts the wearer with a loud alarm and visible strobe.

The Redpoint B3 has an emergency call button and messaging display. The badge is re-chargeable, using a wall-mountable multi-charger, and supports real-time tracking with 8” (20cm) accuracy.
The B3 badge is a ruggedized workforce management and safety tool, designed to withstand the wear and abuse of even the harshest job site.


Redpoint A4 Development Kit Tag

The Redpoint A4, part of Redpoint’s RTLS development kit, is designed for users looking to explore the capabilities of Redpoint’s indoor GPS platform.
The unit uses an internal rechargeable battery and can function as either a mobile tag or as a fixed anchor, depending on configuration. The device includes a multifunction sensor port that enables connection to environmental sensors, actuators, and communication devices. On-board Bluetooth enables connectivity to tablets and smartphones for server-less navigation. The A4 supports up to 4 position updates per second with 8” (20cm) accuracy.