Redpoint RTLS Software Products

Redpoint’s software platform and applications turn live positioning information into life-saving safety alerts, operations analytics, detailed reports, and site monitoring dashboards. Software applications give your team the tools to execute long term projects with improved efficiency and safety.

Real-time view into work site activities


Redpoint Sitewise – Sitewise gives project managers unprecedented visibility into jobsite activity. Understand where your crews are, where they’ve been, and what they’re working on. Observe trends in progress as trades and materials flow across your site. Identify bottlenecks before they happen. Automatically generate precision reports for time and attendance, broken down by subcontractor and task. Quantify safety incidents with live indicators of real-time violations and take action before accidents occur.

Mobile safety management

inactionRedpoint Site Manager – Field Manager is an iOS based application for mobile devices that enables site-wide crew and asset tracking together with integrated zone management. Create, edit and delete permanent or temporary hazard zones. Search, find and locate assets and people across the job site. Construction management tools are all about speed. With Redpoint Field Manager, managing your crew and monitoring their safety is easier than ever before.

Core server, database and API

Redpoint Core – Redpoint Core is the back-end server software that powers the Indoor GPS system. The Core is based on a robust enterprise Linux platform and is designed to run on a Redpoint RTLS server hosted locally or in the cloud. It includes a real-time database and API for application development and integration. Inside Core you have multiple Redpoint innovations in action, delivering the most accurate and reliable positioning information available.