Redpoint Positioning, a leading provider of ultra-wideband radio technology, today announced its social distancing solutions for indoor workspaces. The advanced location technology is designed to help employees keep a safe distance from one another when indoors and reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Employees wearing Redpoint Positioning’s patented Proximity Warning System badge tags with ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology, create an invisible bubble around each employee, alerting them if they get too close to another team member.

The badge tags work independently from an infrastructure or network, communicating with one another through UWB radio signal. The Proximity Warning Solution allows the signals to broadcast without interference from walls, equipment, or people. If a tag detects another tag within the established social distancing parameters, the wearer is alerted by visual, audible, and haptic notifications.

Social distancing restrictions for some industries like mining has been difficult to manage. According to the Wall Street Journal, Rio Tinto, the mining corporation responsible for Oyu Tolgoi, reported pandemic-related restrictions enacted to contain the spread of the coronavirus resulted in a labor reduction in their Mongolian operations.

This resulted in inflated production costs and delayed projects, as well as the inability to bring in skilled workers from other countries.

With Redpoint Positioning’s UWB technology, companies can track employees with higher precision while maintaining real-time positioning for equipment and other assets. This results in safer processes that promote productivity within an indoor workspace by reducing potential viral outbreaks, creating smarter human traffic flows, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Solution Benefits:

The Redpoint Positioning Proximity Warning System provides the information needed to make the best decisions for personnel’s safety against COVID.

  • Social distancing parameters to avoid virus spread
  • Tag alarms to warn employees when they get too close to one another
  • Geofencing to prevent cross-team interaction
  • Maximum occupancy in individual zones throughout the facility
  • Historical data for individual proximities and exposure times
  • Employee interaction patterns to prevent future outbreaks
  • Real-time data to act quickly and accurately

Redpoint Positioning will be attending MINExpo International 2021 in Las Vegas. For more information on Redpoint Positioning or to learn how to remain productive while maintaining social distancing schedule an appointment to discuss their patented technology, click here to schedule a meeting.

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