Manage Construction Operations in Real Time

Manage Construction Operations in Real Time with Redpoint

Commercial construction companies realize increased ROI with Redpoint’s integrated Indoor GPS solution. With Redpoint, builders:

Learn how Skanska utilizes Redpoint for safety and efficiency

Construction Operations On-The-Map with Integrated BIM and Indoor GPS

Adoption of three dimensional building information modeling (BIM) is growing rapidly, driven by the promise of tighter schedules, less waste, and increased efficiency. Going a step further, integrating BIM with Indoor GPS brings a new level of capabilities to construction job sites, with the ability to accurately and dynamically locate people and assets in real-time, from early job site operations through to post-construction services for building owners.

Redpoint allows for the seamless integration of location information into existing digital BIM solutions. From 4D modeling in the office to mobile tablet-based issue tracking and document management operations in the field, indoor GPS on the jobsite will improve safety, reduce errors, and save time.

Flexible Network Infrastructure

Redpoint is the first Real-Time Location System (RTLS) vendor to bring to market a battery-powered UWB mesh-network infrastructure, enabling dynamic deployment and re-deployment of an ad-hoc precision tracking service, even for short term construction projects, indoors or out. This means you can easily deploy and relocate RTLS infrastructure components as needed based on your evolving job site.

Powerful Construction Applications for Construction Operations

Employee Safety
Define geo-fenced zones on jobsite drawings at your desk or on a tablet while in the field and wirelessly alert crews when entering hazardous, high risk, or off-limits areas.

Workflow Optimization
Easily locate and track movements of workers and materials to maximize workforce efficiency, and enable dynamic resource allocation and workflow optimization.

Asset Management & Logistics
Easily locate and track critical assets including equipment, tools, and materials anywhere on the job site. Improve asset utilization and minimize time spent in finding critical tools and materials.

Indoor Navigation
Using tablet based BIM and Redpoint B3 crew badge for real-time location, get actual 3D location views within the model while walking through the jobsite. Make notes and take photos of issues, and have them automatically uploaded and geo-tagged within the model for automatic review by time and location.

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Whitepaper: Indoor GPS for Industrial Construction

Learn how RTLS applications for industrial construction improve job safety and increase the overall efficiency of operations through real-time visibility into asset and employee location.