Redpoint RTLS Technology

Redpoint Positioning Brings Technology Excellence to RTLS

Redpoint RTLS supports mission-critical enterprise applications with the most accurate and affordable real-time asset and people tracking technology. The foundation for Redpoint RTLS is field-proven technology that includes Redpoint’s mobile network anchors, forming a self-localizing, self-calibrating, and self-healing mesh-network infrastructure. The patent-pending Redpoint location methods and algorithms are designed and built from the ground-up for large scale deployments.


The Redpoint platform achieves superior performance by employing unique location schemes, advanced positioning algorithms, and proprietary protocol stacks. Redpoint RTLS can achieve unparalleled location accuracy even in highly complex environments. The highly efficient protocol stack enables the system to reach maximum capacity, capable of handling over 65,000 tags under one system. The company has a portfolio of patent applications that specifically address the challenges faced by traditional UWB-based RTLS solutions.

Early attempts at indoor positioning and RTLS have employed various technologies, including infrared light, active RFID tags, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi measurements. All of these have intrinsic limitations and trade-offs. When high-precision positioning accuracy (sub 1-meter) is required, the need to install dedicated positioning infrastructure becomes inevitable. Ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless platforms provide the highest precision for any RTLS solution, and with the latest advancements and innovative technology by Redpoint Positioning, the solution is revolutionizing the RTLS market.


Easy, Accurate, Affordable RTLS for Industry

Redpoint RTLS is breaking new ground for advanced industry applications. Learn more about how to leverage RTLS in your industry.

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