Redpoint RTLS Technology Advantages

Redpoint Positioning Technology Advantages

Architected on a foundation of innovative, patent-pending positioning technologies, Redpoint Positioning’s RTLS solution represents a quantum leap in performance and value.


High-Precision Accuracy

Achieve spatial precision within one meter.

Rapid Deployment

What used to take weeks or months now takes hours. Redpoint’s mesh-network technology does not require data cabling between the network nodes, which makes it easy and fast to deploy. Battery powered network anchors are also available for rapid ad-hoc deployments or when no power outlets are available, for example in oil drilling or construction sites.

Unlimited Scalability

Unlike competing high-precision RTLS solutions, Redpoint’s mesh-network infrastructure easily scales up to thousands of network nodes and mobile tags. No data cabling is required between the network anchors as the time synchronization between all anchors is all wireless.

Simple & Flexible Integration

Redpoint’s RTLS solution is fully self-contained and easily integrated using the standard API.

Cost Effective

Redpoint solutions offer an unrivaled total solution cost including hardware, installation and maintenance.