Redpoint RTLS Technology Open API

Integration Made Easy

Redpoint Positioning’s solution easily integrates into existing applications and enterprise software using well documented interfaces.

Server API
Accessing the RTLS Base-station (RBS) provides system-wide knowledge of all of the infrastructure and tags. Real-time and historical data is  available. The primary interface for communicating with the RTLS server is based on industry standard Representational State Transfer (REST) calls. This allows third-party code to get and set various parameters within the RTLS system with a minimum of code using common HTTP queries. For example, it is a simple matter to query the system for radio nodes seen within a given time-interval.

For low-latency applications, the RBS also provides a publication/subscription mechanism that allows for push notifications to third-party clients whenever there is an update to position or sensor data. This interface is considerably more efficient then a REST polling mechanism for high-bandwidth applications.

Radio Tag API
Complete system information is available from the RBS API. For navigation applications where only knowledge of a tag’s current position is needed, location data is made available at the RTLS tag. This may be read via serial port connection to the on-board UART, or via the integrated Bluetooth radio.

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