Hardware Products

We provide a variety of tags to give your RTLS application the flexibility to best address your needs. Use our Wireless Infrastructure Network (WIN) anchors to create your network and begin system operations.

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Personnel Badge

The Personnel Badge provides location, safety and communication capabilities for workforce management.

Click here to view the Personnel Badge Fact Sheet.

General Purpose Tag

Use the flexible General Purpose Tag to track assets, vehicles or even personnel.

Asset Tag

Use the Asset Tag to track and locate assets. Instead of spending countless hours searching for equipment or tools, use Asset Tags to locate items quickly and easily.

Click here to view the Asset Tag Fact Sheet.


Ceiling-Mounted and Wall-Mounted Anchors

Left: Ceiling-Mounted Anchor; right: Wall-Mounted Anchor

The Indoor Ceiling-Mounted Anchor and the Wall-Mounted Anchor are full-function infrastructure devices. Install anchors to form the dynamic mesh network where your RTLS operates.