Even with multiple vaccines designed to protect against infection by the novel coronavirus and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the industrial sector isn’t out of the woods – in fact, it may be time to be more diligent than ever to ensure that the transition back to some semblance of normal happens as quickly as possible.

The vaccine rollouts will unfold over the better part of 2021, reaching those at higher risk and battling the disease on the front lines first, meaning manufacturing facilities and their teams may find themselves rather far down the list. It could be months yet before any level of “herd immunity” is achieved.

As such, precautions are still necessary to get the most out of a facility’s production capabilities and to take care of priority No. 1 – the health and safety of its employees.

How can technology play a role in ensuring safer spaces during COVID-19 and beyond, and how can organizations ensure they’re taking advantage of proven precautions like social distancing? Let’s explore.

Innovative Technology Solutions Empowering Safety in Industrial Settings

Perhaps the biggest growth potential, even with enormous growth already realized, lies in automation.

Technologies that empower human labor to spread out, reduce manual, menial tasks and focus on innovation have an added effect of supporting social distancing, as automation solutions make the entirety of an operation more efficient and less dependent on greater numbers of human employees consistently interacting.

For example, autonomous vehicles with robust navigation capabilities are being used to move goods around industrial spaces, rather than human operators. More robust Internet of Things connectivity and data analysis regarding inventory and more streamline efficiency, reducing mistakes and human interaction.

Finally, advanced location technology is playing perhaps the greatest role of all, giving organizations unmatched visibility into where their assets and people are at all times, empowering better management of social distancing and more.

RTLS Solutions to Support Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

The right real-time location system helps organizations solve their most pressing COVID-19-related challenges – with the added benefit of preparing those organizations for a future beyond the virus powered by greater use of data and analytics than ever before.

Particularly with the adoption of Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, these systems give organizations the tools to employ a wide range of beneficial solutions across their workplace.

For example, Redpoint Positioning’s system delivers real-time location tracking through the use of tags, anchors and UWB signals, tracking the location of an organization’s people and equipment with extremely high accuracy – even in the most complex industrial environments.

Redpoint’s low-latency smart tags and UWB technology empower:

  • Social Distancing Wearables to Track Adherence
    By establishing social distance parameters and equipping team members with smart tags, organizations can utilize tag alarms to enforce social distancing and maximum occupancy limits in specific zones and across the entire facility to ensure guidelines are being followed.
  • Insight into Industrial Cleaning Protocol Effectiveness and Adherence
    By establishing cleaning stations as geofenced zones, organizations can gain visibility into who is entering these areas, how much time is spent using cleaning equipment, and more.
  • Heightened Contact Tracing
    If a positive case does occur, a robust RTLS can help organizations engage in more effective contact tracing. With Redpoint’s solution, data regarding proximity of individuals, cumulative time spent together, and more can help organizations make quick, informed decisions about their personnel’s safety.

Redpoint Positioning is committed to ensuring that everything you put in place to help tackle the final push against COVID-19 will help your organization integrate autonomy, create better workflows, monitor processes and interactions, and boost efficiency for years to come.

In other words, this isn’t a system that will outlive its usefulness when COVID-19 finally fades. The same scalable solution you invest in now will provide tangible and lasting benefits in terms of operational efficiency, and it’s ready to pivot to meet the unique challenges you’ll face as your organization continues to grow.

To learn more, visit redpointpositioning.com.

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