Improve Healthcare Operations with UWB Technology

Hospitals are a buzz of activity and interactions between many different departments serving various clinical needs. A flow of patients and staff move throughout the facility, and even comprehensive planning cannot avoid disruption that leads to treatment plans being re-scheduled and adjusted.

Real-time visibility allows you to react swiftly to reallocate resources, and redirect equipment and staff. Patient scheduling can be adjusted based on real-time data, optimising wait times and reducing frustration and pressure on staff.

In a dense and complicated environment like a hospital, the best tool to understand your healthcare setting is an ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location solution (RTLS):

  • Visualise the flow of patients, staff, and equipment throughout your facility
  • Optimise patient flow and scheduling
  • Improve quality of care provided
  • Reduce nosocomial infections

Utilising RTLS technology, Redpoint Positioning can improve the efficiency of your operational execution, rescheduling, and planning by providing full visibility, helping you understand how everything moves within the confines of your hospital.

UWB Solutions Monitor Workplace Flow in Real-Time

Using UWB technology, you can collect data that gives you real-time and historical insights into the movement of your patients and staff through various visualisations, such as heat maps and spaghetti diagrams. This data equips hospital management teams to be highly adaptive and responsive to changes:

  • Optimise scheduling
  • Monitor room capacity
  • Improve wayfinding for patients and visitors
  • Reduce overcrowding in waiting rooms
  • Improve patient safety

With a more comprehensive understanding of where people are, how they got there, how long they stay, and where they went next, so you can create more effective processes to make their movement more efficient.

How Redpoint’s RTLS Solution Can Improve Your Operational Execution

With the ability to scale and cover millions of square feet, Redpoint’s UWB technology makes your hospital truly transparent for the first time.

The Redpoint platform provides full RTLS leveraging our patented UWB technology. Once the infrastructure is installed, devices can be remotely managed and configured, allowing you to monitor the location and movement of patients, staff and medical equipment.

With true low-latency and real-time proximity data, Redpoint’s UWB technology helps you track, visualise, and manage your patients, staff, and equipment to create more efficient and safer healthcare operations.

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