Operations Management

Manage people, assets, and movement throughout your facility

Improve Productivity and Efficiency When You Gain Visibility Into Your Entire Operation

When managing environments with valuable assets and equipment in motion, it’s critical to know where those assets are at all times. Through real-time and historical data, Redpoint empowers you with actionable location insights and connectivity for a more efficient and productive operation.

Redpoint’s platform connects your entire environment so you can:

  • Track inventory and assets and decrease shrinkage
  • Guide personnel to key locations and identify the most efficient routes
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Improve response time and provide order status to clients
  • Integrate with your existing management system

How Our Technology Improves Your Operations

Redpoint’s patented technology improves productivity and efficiency in even the most complex environments

Operations Management

Track inventory, vehicles, and routes throughout your facility and use actionable data to make improvements that save time and money and enhance productivity.

  • Determine personnel demand in real-time and relocate workers to where they are temporarily needed by sending instructions directly to the workers’ Personnel Badge.
  • When help is needed due to an incident, supervisors can see who is nearby and send messages to their badges so they can help resolve an issue quickly.
  • Get historical data reports or view spaghetti diagrams and heatmaps to analyze processes and identify inefficient routes or bottlenecks.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements with real-time visibility and historical data to conduct forensic analysis.
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Indoor Navigation

Because our smart tags know their own position and have two-way communication capabilities, managers can guide personnel and vehicles throughout the facility.

  • Effectively guide personnel to key locations where they are needed and reassign them using two-way communication.
  • Should an incident occur, guide personnel to emergency exits or to other locations to help.
  • Reduce worker fatigue by identifying more efficient routes and reducing wasteful walking.
  • Integrate our technology into other mobile systems such as robots or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for navigation.

Asset Management RTLS

Track assets to save time, eliminate shrinkage, and enhance your customers’ experience.

  • Eliminate wasted time searching for lost or misplaced items. It’s easy to tag and locate important equipment, assets, or pallets.
  • Track pallets and packages as they are processed to update material handling in the supply chain or customers on their order status.

Use location data to create the most productive and efficient environment

Our smart tags provide insights that help your business make better decisions that improve productivity.

An Efficient Workplace is a Connected Workplace

Embrace next-generation capabilities, remove barriers and inefficiencies, and get data insights into routes, traffic, and more.

Third-Party Integration

Integrate our technology into other mobile systems such as robots or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for navigation.

Two-way communication

Stay connected to personnel, reassign tasks, and resolve incidents.

Full visibility in real-time and a historical view

Actionable data helps you make the best decisions about your facility.

Visibility and Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Reduce costs, fatigue, and traffic while increasing productivity. Let’s talk about a more efficient facility.