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How We Improve What Matters Most To Your Business

Three warehouse managers are discussing


Automated forklifts. Changing workflows. People and equipment moving rapidly. Our equipment connects and protects all your most important assets.

Three warehouse managers are discussing


The speed of the supply chain is increasing. Visibility into your workflow and analytical insight helps you remove chokepoints and reduce fatigue.

Two warehouse operators and one forklift driver


Your clients demand more. Potential clients want to see impeccable processes. Real-time data helps you create a better workspace every hour of every day.

Third-Party Logistics Use Case

A major intermodal has freight moving in from multiple sources- rail, truck, and more. It has to get out efficiently. But speed can’t compromise safety. The supply chain demands 3PL providers move quickly. Our clients rely on us to make that happen smartly.

The Problem: Dangerous Blind Spots

In large-scale logistic operations, large stacks of pallets create dangerous intersections and blind corridors. Forklift drivers aren’t always able to react in time to avoid costly or dangerous accidents. In these cases, speed actually reduces safety and efficiency.


We’ve created vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity that allowed the forklifts themselves to “see” around blind corners, which reduces potential collisions. In addition, geo-fenced safe zones alerted operators if they entered a pedestrian area, and even automatically enforced speed restrictions in certain high-traffic parts.


To ensure compliance with ISO 45001, Redpoint tracks historical evidence that enables playback as well as spatial or temporal search.This helps 3PL providers visualize activity, create better routes, and reduce congestion. The upshot is increased productivity and efficiency A smarter workplace means a smoother supply chain.

Female warehouse manager is working in front of her desktop

Easy Integration With Your Existing Systems

The last thing a busy, complex warehouse needs are multiple, disconnected systems.

Redpoint’s open API makes it easy to integrate to your existing warehouse management system and external sensor data. Install, analyze, improve: we make complexity simple.

Full Visibility Means Improved Processes

Every interaction, every zone, and every piece of equipment gives you the data you need to see – and improve – the big picture.

Location Awareness

With full visibility to the movement of stock and equipment, you’ll understand whether equipment is being used or has additional capacity. You’ll see if high-use materials are in prime locations in the facility.

Asset Management

With location accuracy up to 10 cm, and virtually no latency, you can locate assets with high precision.

Monitor and Manage Vehicles

Identify and change problem zones, reduce congestion with improved route planning, balance workload, and respond quicker to incidents.

Safety Buffer Zones

When equipment or workers enter a geo-fenced zone, our system can trigger facility signal lights and alarms. In some cases, vehicles can be placed in a speed-restricted state in safe zones.

Collision Avoidance

Redpoint’s system can automatically notify operators and pedestrians of the presence of equipment.

Capture Historical Data

Data layouts and reports show current activity of your assets and generate heatmaps, asset movement diagrams, and route playback.

People-Focused Technology

How do you make your workplace safer? By seeing how your process impact your people.

  • Reduce fatigue by eliminating wasteful processes
  • Increase safety by equipping employees with smart tags
  • Improve interaction between people and equipment
  • Cut redundancy, monotony, and everyday irritations
  • Create cleaner, more hygienic workplaces that embrace distancing

Everything you do can make the workplace better. It’s technology created for your people.

Female warehouse manager is checking data

Preparing for the Future of the Supply Chain

More autonomy. More regulations. New technology. New demands. How do you prepare?

  • Get ready for the next generation of technology by embracing the IoMvT today
  • Comply with global supply chain regulations and create safer workplaces
  • Stay ahead of robot/human interactions
  • Better processes prepare you for increased demand
  • Virus protections for your clients, employees, and end-users

Warehouses and e-commerce will keep growing. But don’t just get bigger: get faster and safer.

When Clients Count on You, Count on Our Tech

You’re working everyday to deliver for your customers. We’re innovating to make your workplace better.