RTLS For Social Distancing

Social Distancing Solutions for Your Indoor Workplace

Advanced Location Technology to Get People Back to Work and Reduce The Risk of Coronavirus Spread

Today’s Crisis. Tomorrow’s New Normal.

It seemed like the world—and your workplace—changed overnight. But the changes aren’t going away tomorrow. The safety measures put in place today will be here for the long-term. That means preparing yourself for what comes next.

New Regulations

Rules for social distancing are here to stay. Stay ahead of them.

Take the Right Precautions

With tools to enforce cleaning protocols and understand contact and safety hazards, you can help reduce risks.

Less Downtime

You don’t want people to get sick. You don’t want your systems interrupted. Better processes mean less downtime.

How RTLS for Social Distancing Protects Your Workers and Facilities

Our Ultra-wideband real-time location system can solve today’s most pressing workplace problems

Social Distancing Wearables

Our low-latency smart tags can track people and equipment when in your facility. You can establish:

  • Social parameters
  • Tag alarms
  • Entry and exit
  • Geofencing to ensure lack of cross-team interaction
  • Maximum occupancy in individual zones or across the facility

Social distancing doesn’t mean reduced work. Social distance technology means safer processes that promote productivity.


Two workers keeping 6ft social distancing
Cleaning stations are marked red in warehouse

Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning stations can be designated as defined geofenced zones, allowing you visibility. This means:

  • Understanding who is entering cleaning facilities
  • Monitoring time spent using cleaning equipment
  • Improved administration of equipment cleaning protocols

Cleanliness is next to efficiency. It’s how you prevent spread and protect employee health.


Contact Tracing

When infections occur, you need to know who needs to be isolated for protection- and who doesn’t. This gives you:

  • Historical data for accurate contact tracing, including proximity of individuals and cumulative time spent together
  • Real-time data to act quickly
  • A better understanding of employee interaction to prevent further outbreaks

You need information to make the best decisions about your personnel’s safety.

Warehouse manager is checking data information on an iPad

Preparing You For the Next Generation of Workplace Safety

Everything you put in place to fight the coronavirus can be used to improve safety for years to come.

More Safety Solutions

Three engineers with helmets on

Beyond Coronavirus

Integrating autonomy, creating better workflows, monitoring processes and interactions: all of this is needed for fast-moving indoor environments.

Three engineers with helmets on

Continuously Improve Productivity

All of these safety measures build more productive workspaces by reducing accidents, creating smarter flows, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Three engineers with helmets on

Build Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

The next generation of safety requirements will be enabled by our real-time location system. You’ll already have it. It’s the next-generation, today.

Innovate With Us To Solve Today’s Biggest Workplace Challenges

COVID-19 is at the front of our minds. It can be managed. We can work together to build safer workplaces today and tomorrow.