Safer, more profitable operations

Redpoint’s real-time location system (RTLS) is the most accurate, reliable system available, and the only true low latency solution on the market. What does that mean for your working environment?

  • Lowest latency times even in dense, complex areas
  • Location accuracy up to 10 cm
  • Virtually unlimited capacity for millions of square feet
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Full visibility into operational activity
  • The tools to get ahead of the next generation of technology

Check on Redpoint’s Real-time Location System (RTLS) demo and see how it improves the safety and efficiency of indoor work environments.

RTLS for Mining Use Case

Improving safety for personnel in your mines so they can stay healthy and productive is a top priority.


To reduce safety risks and improve productivity, you need technology that offers full visibility and control—and it has to work miles underground.


Our patented technology is the only available real-time location system that does not lose accuracy or latency in complex mining environments. Milliseconds matter when avoiding an accident.


Redpoint’s platform connects pedestrians, equipment, and operators so that real-time, situational awareness in dangerous environments is always available.

How We Make an Impact

Three warehouse managers are discussing


Connected vehicles can reduce collisions with geo-fencing, real-time location data, and collision avoidance systems.

Man is pulling trailer


Determine optimal routes, identify idle time, and understand shift changes.

Two warehouse operators and one forklift driver


Analyze data to optimize your operations and increase capacity.

Location Monitoring in the Most Challenging Environments

The stakes are high in mining environments where people and equipment are moving through industrial zones. Redpoint makes these workplaces safer and more productive by providing you with the visibility and tools required to connect and manage them.

Redpoint’s patented RTLS for mining technology connects pedestrians, equipment, and operators so that situational awareness is always available. It’s the only available system that won’t lose accuracy or latency in complex mining environments.

Safety Buffer Zones

Connect pedestrians, equipment, and operators to the platform to detect and prevent dangerous situations in real-time. When equipment or workers enter a geo-fenced zone, our system can trigger lights and alarms.

Collision Avoidance

Dangerous situations are detected in real-time; vehicle movement can be automatically slowed or halted when detected by the proximity sensors.

Two-Way Communication

Personnel badges provide real-time updates of location and movement to the system dashboard and can send messages to a supervisor’s mobile device or laptop.

Event History

Capture incident and location data in real-time as well as historical data for incident analysis. Visualize past activity to optimize future shift changes and reduce inefficiencies.

More Efficiency

Equipment, tools, and vehicles can be tracked to minimize wasted routes and for a more efficient digital working environment.

Underground mine

Preparing for the Future of Mining

As you work to create safer, more productive mines, Redpoint is working to deliver the next generation of IoT-enabled features.

  • Seamless integration with equipment, vehicles, and protective gear for a fully connected environment.
  • People and machines working together.
  • Active real-time location system features including collision avoidance.
  • More rugged hardware to withstand the harshest conditions.

Redpoint is truly connecting a new generation of mining environments.

You work every day to responsibly source materials that power our communities. We’re innovating to make the industrial workplace better.