Material Handling

View and manage connected vehicles throughout an entire facility

How We Make an Impact on Your Business

Three warehouse managers are discussing


Connected vehicles can reduce collisions with geo-fencing, real-time location data, and collision avoidance systems.

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Clients can determine optimal routes, identify idle time, and ensure the fleet is the correct size.

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Analyze data to optimize your operations and increase capacity.

PointSafe | Warehouse Safety Solution

Welcome to our new Warehouse Safety Solution PointSafe!

Managing a busy warehouse means building a culture of safety and optimizing processes and operations within that framework to maximize efficiency.

RTLS for Material Handling Use Case

Your clients are increasingly concerned about environment, health, and safety (EHS) and dealing with demand for lower costs, faster response times, and easy training for operators.


Existing, disconnected systems available for warehouse and fleet management can’t deliver the benefits of real-time location and the IoT.


Our platform and smart tags connect vehicles to warehouse management and telematics systems, delivering unprecedented visibility and actionable insights.


By connecting vehicles, personnel, and the facility, you gain full visibility into your operations, empowering you with data to increase productivity and lower costs while creating a safer, simpler working environment for personnel.

Connected Vehicles, Connected Warehouse

Redpoint partners with forklift manufacturers to connect vehicles, management systems, and telematics data to the platform, offering visibility and control over warehouse operations. The combination of smart hardware and an open architecture software platform makes it easy to deliver on the promise of a fully connected warehouse.

Monitor and Manage Vehicles

Identify and change problem zones, reduce congestion with improved route planning, balance workload, and respond quicker to incidents.

Collision Avoidance

Redpoint’s system can automatically notify operators and pedestrians of the presence of equipment.

Safety Buffer Zones

When equipment or workers enter a geo-fenced zone, our system can trigger lights and alarms. In some cases, vehicles can be placed in a speed-restricted state in safe zones.

Event History

Capture incident and location data in real-time as well as historical data for incident analysis.

Easy to Integrate

Redpoint’s open API makes it easy to integrate to existing warehouse management systems and external sensor data.

Forklift in warehouse

Preparing for the Future of Forklifts

While Redpoint’s RTLS is enabling powerful change in warehouses today, the future will prove even more dynamic when today’s passive systems are replaced by active collision avoidance.

  • Use geofencing to actively enforce speed limit zones and maximum occupancy
  • Tag-to-tag communication can assist in compliance with safety regulations
  • Add parameters around truck performance until a condition is cleared

Redpoint is making new, connected vehicle capabilities possible.

When Clients Count on Your Vehicles, Count on Our Tech

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