Get Unprecedented Visibility Into Your Moving World with RTLS

Real-Time Location Tracking and True Connectivity in the Most Complex Environments. Visibility for Improved Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity.


The Technology To Connect The Moving Workplace

Worksites are dynamic and complex, and customer expectations are on the rise. But what stays the same is the need to keep people and equipment working safely and efficiently. That requires a true connection.

Redpoint’s real-time location system (RTLS) is the most accurate, reliable system available, and the only true low latency solution on the market. What does that mean for your working environment?

  • Lowest latency times even in dense, complex areas
  • Location accuracy up to 10 cm
  • Virtually unlimited capacity for millions of square feet
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Full visibility into operational activity
  • The tools to get ahead of the next generation of technology

You need a system that works as well on your crowded floors as it does in the lab. You can have unprecedented visibility into your moving world.

Improve the Most Crucial Parts of Your Operation

At Redpoint, we see increased complexity as an opportunity to boost what matters most.

Man with trailer


Decrease the risk of costly accidents and manage safety hazards, reduce vehicle-to-asset damage, and analyze incidents. Take care of what matters.

Man with trailer


Full visibility means understanding capacity. It gives you the power to organize your workflow to cut down response time, reduce work fatigue, and maximize processes.

Forklift driver and warehouse operators


Get the power to make the right decisions. Real-time activity reports with zero latency gives you the up-to-date data to make positive changes across the board.

The Right Tools for a Complex Workspace

You have valuable equipment. You have important technology. You have a valued workforce.

They’re all interacting, and without visibility into your moving world, you can’t optimize your operations or improve safety for your personnel. We’ve solved the scale and price challenges of Ultra-wideband (UWB) to deliver the highest performance – and value – in your complex indoor environment.


UWB Real-time location system (RTLS) maintains reliable accuracy up to 10 cm, even in the most complex moving environments.


Low latency. Quick response times. More control for mission critical applications.


Your potential to grow is unlimited. Your RTLS should be able to handle any size environment without limits.


Equipment and people are always connected, while devices create a mesh network.


Don’t change everything. Improve it. We offer easy integration with third-party applications.

Connection Matters in Every Field

Your clients demand comprehensive solutions to workplace safety, efficiency, and productivity.

You need the right technology partner to deliver. With deep experience across industries, our team can help you get connected.

Logistic port transportation

Third Party Logistics

Connect and protect all your most important assets while meeting the increasing demands of your clients.

Mining site


Reduce safety risks and improve productivity with technology that offers full visibility and control—and it works miles underground.

Material handling site

Material Handling

Connected systems for warehouse and fleet management deliver the full benefits of real-time location and the IoT.

Redpoint is a proud Contributor member of the FiRa Consortium. Together, we’re working to provide seamless user experiences using the secured fine ranging and positioning capabilities of UWB technologies.

News & Insights

Don’t just stay up-to-date. Get ahead of the curve.

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Go Beyond Location. Discover True Connection.

A connected workplace is a safer and more efficient one. Get ready to tackle tomorrow’s opportunities.