Creating True Connection and Visibility into Your Moving World

Our Ultra-wideband Industrial RTLS technology improves safety, efficiency, and productivity.

A Complete, Connected, Patented System That Connects The Entire Indoor Workplace

Redpoint’s real-time location system (RTLS) is the most accurate, reliable system available to fully connect your indoor environment, and the only true low latency solution on the market.

Why Our System Works Better

The Best Ultra-Wideband RTLS For Today and Tomorrow’s Challenges

Complexity is part of the job. Your workspace has thousands of moving parts. You need an Ultra-Wideband Industrial RTLS technology that does what it promises. You need one that works on the floor, not just inside the lab. You need a system that doesn’t slow down even when work speeds up.

Too often, there is a trade-off between speed and cost, or reliability and scale. But there doesn’t have to be. With our patented technology, we’ve been able to solve the scale and price challenges that have hamstrung true visibility with Ultra-wideband (UWB).

Patented Technology: How We’ve Built the Best RTLS

We knew existing UWB technology was falling short, so we invented our own.

  • Patented TDoA scheme 
  • Patented NLOS compensation
  • Patented multi-tiered positioning 
  • Patented Protocol stack for networking and data communication 
  • Self-organizing, self-healing full wireless infrastructure 

With our patented technology, you get the most reliably accurate system, and the only true low latency solution available. It’s the only way to truly understand your working environment.


SiteWise interface in desktop showing the moving objects and heatmap in real time.

What Our Industry-Leading System Means For You

What makes a worksite truly visible?

Speed. Accuracy. Total connection. When every worker, asset, and vehicle can communicate no matter how complex your site gets, you have true visibility.

You have the power to make every worksite work better.


Redpoint’s RTLS delivers accuracy up to 10 cm—but more importantly, our high accuracy does not degrade in complex environments.


Redpoint’s system can cover millions of square feet with unlimited tags and up to 65,000 anchors. That’s four times as many as most other systems available today.


Our Low Latency Link uses patented technology that delivers typical latency on the tag 200 ms and ensures that performance is not compromised even in complex or high volume areas.


Send and receive messages via tags, collect and view sensor data real-time, and deliver over-the-air firmware and software updates. Our tags transmit data wirelessly and automatically, eliminating the need to plug in or manually download data.


Our patented protocols eliminate the need to synchronize tags with anchors. This significantly reduces the cost of our system as well as the simplicity of set-up.


Location tags are attached to important objects, vehicles, or personnel and generate their locations in real-time.


WIN anchors form a virtual, wireless, geofenced environment.


Visualize activity, roadblocks, interactions, and near-miss events.


Our smart tags have two-way communication. Send and receive text messages or calls for assistance.


Automatic warnings and alerts help avoid collisions and hazards.


Track and identify objects, vehicles, or personnel with real-time and historical data.

Patented Technology Conquers Growing Complexity

Redpoint’s tag devices use patented Low Latency Link technology that combines Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth. By using these signals simultaneously, it ensures that accuracy and latency are not compromised even in complex areas with a large number of tags.

You can start with the tags. When you’re ready to unlock more advanced IoT features, it’s easy to add your existing tags to the fully connected platform. It’s industrial RTLS technology built for your work.

Collecting Data

Tags and Anchors

Location tags and wireless anchors create a mesh network.

  • Anchors form a virtual, wireless, geofenced environment
  • Monitor all your assets in real-time
  • Choose between multiple types of tags: personnel, vehicle, and general purpose
  • Tags calculate their own position with high accuracy and can send/receive messages
  • Scale up as you grow

With our system, there are no dead zones. There are no limitations.
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RTLS Server Software


Plan your system. Set it up. Make it work for you.

  • Cloud-based or on-premise
  • Define RTLS coverage based on actual floor plans
  • Optimize the system for high precision and low latency performance
  • Define and manage users, zones, and trackables
  • Manage network and devices

A flexible and powerful system that can be designed for your unique workspace.

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Front, back, side image of the black rectangle GP tag, alert light and a red button that can be pushed.
Black rectangle VMT-C tag front and back

Application Software


Monitor your workplace in real-time.

  • Graphical representation and real-time visualization of the entire environment
  • View heatmaps and spaghetti diagrams to track paths and visualize activity, roadblocks, interactions, and near-miss events
  • Search and locate individuals or assets
  • Manage location data, alarms, and events
  • Use analytics, reports, and dashboard for discovering inefficiencies and reviewing forensic data

It’s dashboard of everything that matters to you.

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How Our Patented System Can Transform Your Worksite

Moving machines, equipment, and people. A recipe for costly disasters.

By creating a system that could handle tens of thousands of devices on a single project, we solved the connection problem.

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Complete Coverage Now. A Blueprint for the Future.

Our technology isn’t just creating a safer, more efficient environment today. It’s preparing you for tomorrow.

Regulations are getting tighter. Robotics are becoming more integrated. Global workplaces have to meet higher and higher standards. That means integrating a real-time location system that scales up with you, and can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We don’t want you to just catch up. We want you ahead of the curve.

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Transform Your Worksite. Connect Your Future.

The right technology can transform and future-proof your business.

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